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LC Type 2

This Handmade Unique Piece is a Replica Inspired by the Orignal Design of

Le Corbusier

Armchair with tubular steel frame in polished chrome. Cushions in expanded foam and goose feather on the seat. Upholstery in Verona leather or Liguria leather. Le Corbusier LC2 MADE IN ITALY.

About the Product

Product Details


About the Material

Exclusive Aniline Leather

Natural leather has a unique appearance. Because every animal is different, each hide has its individual look. We use only full-grain aniline Italian leather. Some manufacturers will use inferior leathers that need to be sanded and textured in order to hide scars or marks. But with time this top grain leather will crack and show their original marks. read more


The Product in Location

The Designer

Le Corbusier

In 1887 Le Corbusier was born as Charles-Edouard Jeanneret in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland). He went to an Art School to become a watch engraver in this centre of Swiss watch industry. However, his teacher, L’Eplattenier, persuaded him to become an architect. After having had problems with Schwob he decided to leave Switzerland for France and to adopt the name Le Corbusier. He swore never to come back to Switzerland. After the World War I he totally changed his style to help build up France. This is where he developed the new construction method that he called ‘Plan Libre.’ He allowed himself some liberty for the first time when designing Ronchamp in 1950. Often he worked together with his nephew Pierre Jeanneret. Undoubtedly one of his greatest works is the design of the city of Chandigar (India). This project included the design of all the public buildings for this city. In 1965 he died while swimming near his Cabanon in Saint Martin (the south of France).

Iconic Design

LC Seaters

The LC 2 Sofa Le Corbusier designed in 1928, is a two to three-person capacity sofa composed of an external steel frame and black cushions which serve as the seat, back and side arm rest. Le Corbusier created the sofa with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and French interior designer Charlotte Perriand. In fact, the LC2 Sofa is based on the collection’s centerpiece, the LC2 “Petite Lounge” Armchair. The feature that sets the Le Corbusier Sofa LC2 apart from the rest is its external frame, which is made from high quality tubular steel. Rather than being on the sofa interior as found in conventional designs, the steel frame of the LC2 Sofa is placed on the outside and outlines the shape of the couch. The LC2 Le Corbusier Sofa was first exhibited to the public during the Salon d’ Automne art exhibition in Paris, 1929.

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