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Why should I create an account on

My Account

How can I make changes to my data?

With the customer account at you have many advantages. For example, you can: View the status of your order, complete the order and payment process faster, ship goods to different addresses, be the first to be notified about promotions … and much more.

How can I create a user account?

You can register for free at SteelClassic at any time. Just click here and enter your details. For registration, your first name, name and e-mail address are sufficient.

Go to “MY ACCOUNT”. Here you can see all the data that you have stored during your registration and can update it. Go to “Account Information” if you want to change your information. Go to “Address Book” if you want to change your address.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password / login?

Go to “Login” and then click “Forgot your password?”. Enter your email in the space provided and we will immediately send you an automatic email with your new password.


Can I get free material samples?

My order

Who brings the furniture home?

Of course! We are happy to send you free material samples so that you can optimally convince yourself of the quality of our products. Please fill in the order form and we will send you the catalog as soon as possible.

The delivery service authorized by us is in advance for larger pieces of furniture in advance by phone or email in order to arrange the desired date. The smaller pieces of furniture, such as lamps or individual chairs, deliver dedicated direct couriers. Should you unexpectedly not be home, leave a message for you and try again later.

Is SteelClassic the "originals"?

Our products are exact replicas of the pieces of furniture created in the twenties and thirties. So there are no originals from the Bauhaus workshops of the time (made by the Bauhaus designers personally). Such pieces are extremely rare in modern times and are mostly in museums or private collections. By the form and material faithful reproductions of the former originals we create for the enthusiastic customer the possibility to pass on the work of the designers at favorable prices. Most of these pieces are still produced to a large extent by hand in Italian small businesses.

Cancellation / Return

How can I cancel my order?

Please send us an email to We definitely need your order number as well as the affected article number (s) so that we can cancel the correct order as well.

How can I return a product?

How do I differentiate between a copy and an original?

Of course, there are differences to the originals, with us you get new furniture and most of the originals have been used for many decades. From the perspective of the construction, however, one can not find deviations that are relevant to the original model.

How can I pay?

We offer our customers the option of paying by credit card or cash on delivery. For credit card payments we accept Visa or Master. The settlement takes place at the time of delivery of the goods, not before. However, we reserve the right to check the card data for higher amounts. In the case of payment by cash on delivery, this is done directly to the forwarder in cash on delivery of the furniture.

The right of return if not satisfied is 14 days from delivery. The delivered products are then picked up by the forwarding company and sent back to Italy to the factory. After a short check of the mint condition and the completeness, the purchase price minus the transport costs incurred by the return will be refunded to you.

What do I do if I get a wrong article?

In this case, please send an email to . We will then take care of the collection of the wrong item as well as the delivery of the product actually ordered by you as soon as possible.

Are my pay and all other transactions safe?

All credit card payments are made via an encrypted connection – for maximum security is thus ensured.

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