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Original or Replica


Our products are faithful reproductions of furniture created in the twenties and thirties.

So there are no originals from the Bauhaus workshops of the time (made by the Bauhaus designers personally). Such pieces are extremely rare in modern times and are mostly in museums or private collections. Through the faithful reproduction of the original originals, we can pass on the creativity of designers of the Bauhaus epoch at favorable prices to the interested customer. Some of these pieces are still mostly made by hand in Italian small businesses.

Of course, there are some differences to the originals, we get new furniture and most of the originals have been used for many decades. From the point of view of the construction, however, one can not find any relevant deviations from the original model. Of course, one should also consider what technical possibilities are available to us today and how manual production was at the beginning of the last century. The modern techniques for the treatment of the metal surfaces or the novel Polyuhrethan padding give the piece of furniture the benefits of modern production, without giving the originality of the furniture a disadvantage.

Is it legal?

It is 100% legal to buy furniture replicas in Italy or England and have them transported to Germany, Austria or Switzerland!

You do not have to worry about shopping at The copyright provisions are much more generous in Italy and England than in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, where most of the designs come from. In these countries, it is perfectly legal to copy a design after only 25 years.

When you buy within the borders of Europe, the rules governing the free movement of goods within the EU apply. And as long as you buy as a retail customer, the EU rules are above Danish copyright law, so you can safely order your furniture online at

100% Steelclassic Guarantee

Dear visitor of our website. Unfortunately, our photos have recently been stolen from other stores to win you over as a customer. It can not be ruled out that furniture of inferior quality will be delivered to the deluded customers at the cheapest prices. We would like to point out that we have no connection with these shops and can not be put on a level with such a kind of fraud. Also, our legal means to proceed against this are severely limited. Please also note this when shopping at these shops. Your team.

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