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Terms of Use

Subject of Business
SteelClassic offers high quality products inspired by the great designers of the Bauhaus and also other designers at affordable prices enjoying the advantage of direct-price system. These design-oriented furnitures and products carry no license numbers and no signatures of the designers. Indeed, it does not imply any negative impacts on the quality and optics of the goods.
The production takes place in modern factories in Italy exclusively following the latest standard of technology combining with quality handicraft.

Steelclassic offers distributor service between manufacturers and end customers via webpage The items shown on the website are general offers. Placing order in the shopping cart or by email doesn’t mean a complete purchase agreement. It is a request to assign Steelclassic as direct distributor for ordering goods at manufacturer. The accruing fees are already included in the prices shown.

Data Security
Any information of our customers are in accordance with the general principles of data protection and not provisions to third parties and being treated confidentially.

Delivery and logistic service for goods ordered by customer at can be realized either by customer directly or by assigning Steelclassic to delegate a third party in form of logistic agent, trucking company or currier service. Decision is made by customer during order process.

Return policy
The right to return the goods is 14 days from the date of delivery. The delivered products will then be picked up by the logistics company again and sent back to the factory in Italy. After a brief examination of the condition and completeness of goods, we will refund the total purchase price excluded the return shipping costs incurred.

The warranty on our furnitures is 2 years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, for defects which are due to manufacturing or material blemish, we will give an appropriate spare parts exchange or a complete replacement. Basis for these services is the bill of goods., All rights reserved.

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