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Production and Material


permanet quality control on factory

3 weeks production time as high standard request

detailed quality check for materials before production

perfect packing to receive your order in good shape



Natural leather has a unique appearance. Because every animal is different, each hide has its individual look. We use only full-grain aniline Italian leather. Some manufacturers will use inferior leathers that need to be sanded and textured in order to hide scars or marks. But with time this top grain leather will crack and show their original marks. In order to enrich the quality of our bend leather, we use a tanning process that not only preserves the beauty but also ensures the durability. An important factor is also the coloring of the leather. Our leather is drum-dyed in order to ensure complete color penetration. Other manufacturers use a simple vat-dying, that colors the material in an uneven manner. The pieces for our leather coverings are all handcut from selected hides. For example, to make a Le Corbusier armchair as many as 14 differently sized parts are required.


We use only high gauge stainless steel. It is pre-stressed and pre-buffed in order to achieve the original look. Then the steel finally gets its immaculate look by applying a 35 micron chrome plating including silicone coatings for rust protection. All chrome parts are polished to a perfect finish.



Making the upholsteries for our furniture is also shared among a number of small workshops, of which any one has its speciality. The pieces for our leather coverings are all handcut from selected hides. For example just to make a Corbusier style armchair as many as 14 differently sized parts are required.


When it comes to the question why different manufacturers offer similar looking furniture pieces for different prices, the answer is quite simple. The difference in quality determines the price. Lots of these Bauhaus Style items get produced in Asia with a very low quality level. If you would like to own one of the jewels of modern design you might consider buying a piece that will last and that will give you the joy of aging gracefully.



In times when most products are made in China, we are proud to offer furniture that is 100% made in Italy. The furniture that we offer is not of the disposable variety that you will find in a typical furniture store these days. Our furniture will last long after it is paid for and become heirlooms within the family of the purchaser. Every piece of furniture that we do is well-crafted and made only of high quality materials.

23 Years

23 Percent
Discount on ALL

23 Working Days
Production Time

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